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Hockey Academy
Hockey Academy

 2018-2019 Hockey Academy in the Red Lake Area

Registration is now open. Please call Grazia Cianci to register your child or find out more.  Students currently registered in the Red Lake/Ear Falls area Hockey Academy for the 2017-2018 school year do not need to re-register, your child is already registered to continue in the program next school year. 

Biography - Coach Josh Myles

After graduating from Beaver Brae Secondary School, I attended the University of Winnipeg and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English. The following year, I obtained my Education degree from Lakehead University. This spring I will be working towards qualifications in Health and Physical Education. Apart from my academic qualifications, I have lived and breathed hockey for over twenty years, playing the game ever since I could skate, and, just recently, coaching the Beaver Brae boys’ team alongside fellow Hockey Canada Skills Academy instructor Brooks Mejia.

Hockey is the life blood of Northwestern Ontario, so it is no surprise that the Hockey Academy program has seen the success it has in Kenora, Sioux Lookout, and Dryden. An education program that allows students to learn and experience the game we love is incredible. Having helped out Brooks in Kenora, I saw first-hand the excitement on these young players’ faces as they took to the ice to sharpen their skills. I knew I wanted to be a part of it, and Red Lake allowed me that opportunity. Along with my background in hockey and coaching, I bring a fresh outlook on education and a philosophy that centres on building the person, not just the player and student. I am an avid athlete myself, playing multiple sports throughout my life. Through these experiences I have learned how conditioning –whether mental or physical- and a healthy lifestyle can benefit an individual. Off the ice, I am a very passionate and caring person, who prides himself in making others laugh. I am motivated to ensure these students realize their own potentials and strive for their very best.

The goal of the Hockey Academies in this area is to engage students and see them find success on the ice, in the classroom, and, further, in society. The Academy offers students an alternative form of education that can allow them to gain confidence and motivate themselves off the ice, as well. We want to see these students develop into the “whole athlete” and “whole student;” someone that demonstrates strength in mind, body, and soul. The Academy focuses on not only on-ice skills but education, off-ice conditioning, mental training, and personal and team development. These life skills will become integral in the lives of these students, and will allow them to grow into responsible individuals going forward in life.  


The Keewatin-Patricia District School Board continues to partner with Hockey Canada, and Hockey Northwestern Ontario (HNO) to provide our students with an elite Hockey Canada Skills Academy program. The Red Lake area Hockey Canada Skills Academy is designed to challenge and inspire all students who participate. It is a complete program that includes a strong focus on academics, as well as on-ice skills, off-ice strength and conditioning, mental training, and personal and team development. On-ice sessions include hockey fundamentals such as skating, puck handling, checking, passing, and tactics. When students are not on ice they are exposed to sport specific fitness training, floorball, stickhandling and shooting.

This is a great program for those students wanting to enhance their current skill set and also provides an opportunity to introduce the game to students new to hockey who want to play for the first time. The Academy is open to all students in grades 4-12 in the Red Lake and Ear Falls areas. The program operates during the school day, from September to April each year.

Your Red Lake area Hockey Canada Skills Academy coach, Josh Myles, is committed to the development of each player in the program and providing personalized and directed strategies for improvement. The individual needs of each player are identified by analyzing their academics, hockey skills, strength and conditioning and future goals. As hockey is a team sport, students are then taught how to use their skills to support their team. All program participants will receive both on and off ice training.

Focusing on individual improvement and team building helps maximize a student’s development potential. The program will offer on-going skill development that will, in turn, create the opportunity to build on individual skills in addition to team development.

The Red Lake area Hockey Canada Skills Academy has been accredited by Hockey Canada. The framework of the program is consistent with the standards for development set by Hockey Canada. As well, it is in full compliance with the Ministry of Education provincial learning outcomes for physical education.

Who can apply for the program?

Any boy or girl enrolled in a KPDSB school in Red Lake or Ear Falls can apply. For those students who do not currently attend one of our schools, parents must complete a school registration form for September 2017.

Does my child have to play hockey?

No. Any child regardless of their hockey skill level may apply to enroll in the program. We will also develop our program to ensure that students who have experience and/or are enrolled in minor hockey have the opportunity to further develop their skill level.

Will my child need to bring equipment?

We expect that some students will have equipment and others will need assistance. We will be working with corporate sponsors such as JumpStart Canada to help support the needs of our students and their families.
On-Ice Hockey Conditioning Program Highlights:

•             90 - 270 minutes per week depending on grade level
•             Detailed break-down of all facets of the game, both individually and team oriented
•             Qualified on-ice coaching staff

Off-Ice Conditioning Program Highlights:

•             Qualified off-ice training staff
•             Nutrition and supplement guidance

Mental Training Highlights:

•             Goal setting
•             Positive reinforcement
•             Self Discipline