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Emergency Procedures
Emergency Procedures


1.   Three fire drills will be held in the fall and three in the spring as per Ministry of Education regulations. Students will be permitted to leave the building in their indoor shoes.  Exit posters showing fire routes will be posted near the classroom door showing both usual fire exits and an alternate route.

2.   When the alarm sounds the following action shall be taken;

(a)         All activities shall stop.  Motors or other equipment shall be shut down.

(b)         Students shall immediately proceed in an orderly fashion along a predetermined exit route.  Students in classes on the same side of the hall as the doors will exit through the nearest door.  Students in classes on the side of the hall opposite the doors will exit through the far door.

(c)         Teachers will take a class list and shall ensure that no students remain in the classroom before closing the door (which should be locked) and escorting the class to a designated assembly point at least 100 feet from the school.  All students on the upper level will assemble across from the upper parking lot – Gr. 3/4, 5/6, 6/7 and 8.  All students on the lower level – KA, KB, 1/2, and 2/3 will assemble at the fence at the bottom of the hill behind the school.

(d)         Students absent from the classroom at the time of the alarm shall immediately proceed outside through the nearest exit.  Once outside they should rejoin their class in the designated area

(e)         Teachers shall conduct a roll call (note – teachers must have in their possession a class list for this purpose) by calling each student’s name and notify the principal/vice-principal or secretary immediately if someone is missing.  The principal or designate shall be stationed at a predetermined location visible to all classes exiting from the upper floor (outside west parking lot).  The secretary will be stationed in view of all lower floor classes (outside west fence area).  The teacher in charge of a class shall line up their class away from the designated fenced areas and wait to signal when all students are accounted for with a “thumbs up” signal from the teacher.  If any students are missing, a runner will report their name(s) to the principal or designate immediately.

(f)          Upon exiting, the secretary will bring the binder of student contact information, class lists, emergency closure information and her cell phone from the office.

3.   The librarian, Special Education teacher and itinerant teachers shall be responsible for the evacuation of students in their care at the time of the alarm.

4.   Students and teachers shall remain in their designated areas out of the way of firefighting equipment entering the yard until otherwise instructed by the principal/vice-principal or person in charge from the Fire Department.

5.   If itinerant teacher (French) is in a classroom at the time of the fire bell ringing, they must take the class with them and walk outside to their usual location and meet the classroom teacher there.

6.   Upon confirmation of a fire or other emergency, the secretary or in her absence, the principal/vice-principal or in the absence of all of the above, the Teacher in charge confirming the fire or emergency, shall immediately notify the proper authorities:


Fire Department    911

O.P.P.                    911 or 1-888-310-1122



Every year the students and staff must participate in two mandatory lock down practices (Ministry of Education policy) to ensure safety for everyone.

All students and staff will hear an announcement on the PA system regarding that the lock down will begin.

Students have been trained to get as low as possible to the ground in the corner by the sink out of view of the hallway, if they are in a regular classroom.

Blinds will be closed to ensure safety.

In the case of kindergarten children, they will go into the coatroom, to be out of sight.

As with a fire drill, we will remain calm and will communication with students about this to help them understand they need to be quiet.

The door must be locked, so staff must keep the key handy.

If students are in the gym, they go into the change room or the equipment room.

All media questions regarding the event will be referred to the area superintendent by the principal.

Staff and student debriefing will be held as soon as possible following the event, depending on the circumstances.

Should there be a lock down during the lunch hour, students may have to wait to eat.  The bell ringing may not mean that it is time to head to lunchrooms.  If classrooms have not been unlocked by the principal, designate and OPP, students and staff will stay in their safe area until the principal, designate or OPP come to unlock the door.



-       Staff will reassure students that they will be safe and cared for, and that their parents will be called individually to arrange safe passage home.

-       Students whose parents require “no contact” are to be dismissed as per a normal school day and not to a different location.

-      In the interim, we will follow the regular timetable/daily program as much as possible.

-      We will ensure that students do not use the telephone or personal cell phones at any time.


-      We will ensure that students do not leave unless specifically and individually dismissed by the principal/VP/secretary, or picked up by a parent.  Please ask the parent to advise the office before leaving with the child(ren).

-      We will ensure that students do not go outside.

-      All students and staff will remain at the school until released by the Principal or designate.  (Depending on the emergency, this could be at regular dismissal time, earlier or later.)

-      All staff will stay with students and do not go to the office unless it is an emergency.

-      The secretary will check the toy library for parents who need to be contacted.

-      Messages from incoming calls will be given directly to the secretary to pass on.

-      Parents of KA/KB/Gr. 1 & 2 (eldest) will be contacted regardless of “no contact necessary” chosen on form.

-      The bus supervisors must ensure students travel on their regular bus unless advised by the office.



1.   In the event that the school cannot be re-entered, all teachers and staff will escort their classes to the Campbell Recreation Centre first, and utilize the locations in the Rec Centre as listed below.  The contact person at the recreation center is Gwyneth Carlson (735-5018).  If she is unavailable, then the gatehouse is to be contacted (735-2128).


Day Care/Toy Library      )

KA/KB                             )    Curling Rink (downstairs)


Gr. 1/2                          )

Gr. 2/3                          )    Bowling Alley (downstairs hall)



Gr. 3/4                          )

Gr. 5/6                          )    Curling Rink (upstairs)


Gr. 6/7                          )

Gr. 8                             )    Bowling Alley (upstairs)


If the Recreation Centre cannot be used then the alternative site will be the Balmer hotel. All evacuation sites will be pre-approved by the owners when the principal contacts these location supervisors at the beginning of each school year.

2.   Telephones available at these locations must be used to contact parents.  No students are to be released prior to parental contact and arrangements made for students to either go home, or entrusted to the supervision of another adult.